A message to Millenials (and everyone else)

Dear Millenials:

Over the next several weeks The Major will begin to publish detailed history about the Untied States from post World War II until today. It is imperative that you read it, for the simple reason that it seems that we’ve lose a sense of history-and that very dangerous.

Leo Buscgaia, AKA “Dr. Love”, and denizen of many 1980s PBS pledge drives, routinely warned in his pledge drive shows:

“Those people, who have lost a sense of history, are going to have to re-live it themselves”.

So please, put your cellphones down, stop Tweeting and Snapchatting, stop taking stupid pictures of what you are eating and posting them on Facebook, and really educate yourselves as to what is happening right now.  It’s that important.

And while you’re at it, for God sake, practice safe computing-the recent malware outbreak of WannaCrypt should serve as a wakeup call to the reality that every one of us are now unwilling soldiers in a war being waged against each and every one of us using the Inetenet as the battlefield. So make sure you apply every patch that comes out, don’t click on any suspicious emails. Here’s good place to start.

As Jesse Ventura would say when he closes eyer episode on his show “Off the Grid”:

Stay Vigilant.

Author: The Major

Protecting Free World in the battle-space knows as the Internet from those who can't...or won't-and an adversary to those who with to use the Internet as a weapons platform.

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