The Major takes Farhad Manjoo (or maybe even the New York Times) to the woodshed

(Before I begin let me state publicly that I will only accept contacts via secured email only. All other means of attempting to contact The Major will be logged and ignored.)

Dear Farhad:

Greeting. My Name is the The Major. I have a question to ask of you: just how closely do you follow tech? Seriously….

You see, Farhad, a rather fascinating thing happens on April 21 that lasted about 7 minutes. Those people who work in various networking, OpSec, and FinTech saw this event happen, and many fellow tech writes talked about it.

But sadly, you didn’t:

Majoo Search-Russia BGP.jpg And even more disturbing is that our paper or record doesn’t seem to have a clue as well:

MYTImes Search-Russia BGP.jpg

At this point, it seems our nations journalistic and investigative skills are very suspect indeed. Not surprising, since the way our news media has been co-opted by Supranational Entertainment Giants seem to want it that way.

Back in 1983, The New York Times reported on the Congressional Testimony of Neal Patrick. I suggest you all go read it. As I stated in My “About” Section: “Those people, who have lost a sense of History, are going to have to re-live it themselves.”

The Major does not suffer fools gladly, Farhad. Same message goes to Margaret Sullivan and the management of The New York Times.

Noe for those of you who are shocked at seeing this news-take heart in knowing that for Visa, MasterCard and all banks big and samll, this was just another day in the office for their Information Security departments. Trust The Major on this folks-Visa, MasterCard and the banks have got your back.

So, Farhad and the New York Times Management, I refer you to a classic cultural con Foghorn Leghorn as he says: “Pay Attention, son…”

You guys really need to step up your game, lest you be fools of by a very well-informed citizen – who is speaking on his own and not that of his employer.

Have a Good Memorial Day Weekend, all – Especially to my Congressman.

Author: The Major

Protecting Free World in the battle-space knows as the Internet from those who can't...or won't-and an adversary to those who with to use the Internet as a weapons platform.

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