Reclaiming the name ‘troll’ from ‘seagulls’ (Under Constant updating as new seagulls identified and classified)

It seems that master Yoda is not to terribly fond of seagulls… (Hat tip to “The Miner”):


And of course, so does the Major. Which leads me to talking about trolls….

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is a “troll”:


Ain’t he cuuuuute?

Unfortunately, that little feller up ‘dere identity has been hijacked by popular and Internet culture to mean someone/something causing people to get there jimmies rustled…

The Major protects and helps his friends, and is a terrorist against all that is evil. That’s why, tonight I am launching Operation #SaveTheTrolls – to reclaim and restore the nice little fellow up there from being labeled something that he’s not. And in doing so, I hereby declare that the name “troll” be replaced by “seagull”.

The Major has identified two types of seagulls: Jimmah-rustling trolls (who are really harmless-but the must be unmercifully mocked off Cyberspace) and Dangerous Trolls.

Below is a sample of Jimmy-rustling seagulls, cutting across all political spheres with Twitter ID’s: (Note: This page will be continually updated with new seagull sightings-please feel free to share with me on Twitter who you believe is a seagull and why. The Major will review your nominee and the, if it fits The Major’s criteria, it will be added to the list with proper credit given to you (Remember: The Major protects and helps his friends-and is a terrorist to his adversaries.)

Here’s a list of who The Major considers Dangerous Seagulls (WARNING: Click on these website links at your own risk-you never know what hidden surprises these people are capable of doing-but mock them mercilessly on Twitter (if you can))….

Now some of you may be wondering why this list is so short right now. Y’see, The Major is rather busy these days in fortifying his defenses and other actions to keep his stake firmly planted in Cyberspace before some other yahoo decides to profit in filthy lucre…


So, from this day forward, start calling these cretins “Seagulls”-and their actions “Seagulling”.

The Major, signing off……

Author: The Major

Protecting Free World in the battle-space knows as the Internet from those who can't...or won't-and an adversary to those who with to use the Internet as a weapons platform.

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