To #TheResistance: It’s time to boycott Public Radio International for mainstreaming @GatewayPundit

It was bad enough that The Stupidest Man on The Internet, Jim Hoft had any followers at all for his blatant Fake News (Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs and Wonkette are good sources for excellent take-downs of the DERPSTER of the Decade:



But somehow, this in-duh-vidual managed to get White House Press passes….


DAFUQ, Indeed.

Then This happened a few days ago over at PRI:

PRI Jim Hoft.jpg

Folks, it takes a lot to upset The Major, short of pissing in his Coke.

PRI International pissed in The Major’s Coke.

Therefore, The Major calls all members of #TheResisance to boycott PRI and all of their products they supply (such as the Marco Wurman’s “Boston Calling”, which gets regular airplay on @bbcworldservice.) It seems that, yet again, the quality of US Journalism has sunk to lows of epic proportions (just like my pasnting of Farhrad Manjoo of the New Work Times.)

PRI’s interview with JIm Hoft is a classic example of normailzing deviance:

Normalizing of deviance is what caused Space Shuttle Challenger to explode minutes into it’s mission.

This cannot stand-so you know what to do.

The Major, signing off….

Author: The Major

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