“Operation: Payback” is now underway against Fox News

In 1976, the movie “Network” was released, which went on to win in 1977 4 Oscars for Best Actor Peter Finch, (the first posthumous awarded Oscar awarded, due to Finch’s death in January 1977), Best Actress Faye Dunaway, Best Supporting Actress Beatrice Straight, and Best Original Screenplay by Paddy Chaeyesfky.

If you have never seen this movie, watch it now – it’s that fucking good, and here’s why, as stated in the Wikipedia article for the movie:

In 2000, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. In 2002, it was inducted into the Producers Guild of America Hall of Fame as a film that has “set an enduring standard for U.S. American entertainment”.[3] In 2005, the two Writers Guilds of America voted Chayefsky’s script one of the 10 greatest screenplays in the history of cinema.[4] In 2007, the film was 64th among the 100 greatest American films as chosen by the American Film Institute, a ranking slightly higher than the one AFI had given it ten years earlier.

So do yourself (and your millennial friends) a favor and WATCH IT.

The Wikipedia article pretty much tells the story about the movie, so you can go and read it and come up to speed.

So, why is this movie so important for right here and right now, well, let’s take a peek at one of the greatest movie rants ever delivered on the Silver Screen, delivered by none other than Ned Beatty, playing the role of Alan Sloan:

So, why is this scene so important? Well,  it’s actually very simple, and very deadly. In the movie Alan Sloan was ranting at Howard Beale, whose own epic rant is also tres kewl:

And now, its our turn to meddle with the primal forces of nature and deliver the killshot to Fox News by boycotting ALL advertisers that air their commercials on Fox.

Yes, the world is indeed a business, and business spend billions of dollars to protect their brands at all costs (so do the neocons and neoliberals that currently infect the respective GOP and Democratic party hosts.)

Now we’ve seen that going after particular shows does work – after all, it drove Papa Bear off the screen. So, now we turn the knob up to 11.

Rather simple, isn’t it?

So, gang, you know what to do. Please don’t let me, or your country down now at our darkest hour, and even with perp walks a-coming. Now is not the time to be complacent.

You – each and everyone of you – can bring the primal forces of nature to their knees in 90 days, when companies report on their quarterly earnings report on Wall Street. And since the Editorial Board of the WSJ and screeching harpy Jeanette Pirro acre calling for Mueller to step down, now is the time to jump into action and teach Rupert a lesson he’ll take to his grave and leave the kids to clean up after his messes…

So, if you won’t do it for the country, do it for someone you love.

History tells us: Good always defeats evil, and the Glory and Power of Love conquers all. And, as the late Leo Buscaglia said in his KVIE special “Speaking Of Love”

If you miss love, you miss life – please don’t.

The Major, Signing off….

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