On the Disturbing Global Rise of Nationalism

As The Major’s meat-space analog has been fighting one nasty-ass gift that he inherited along with the corresponding carnage it has caused him, he noticed a very disturbing thing that appears to be happening – and now we can no longer sit on the sidelines and remain silent – that is, the resurrection of Nationalism.

We saw this once before – in Nazi Germany, to be specific, due to some real bad decisions that were made as part of the Germany’s surrender during World War I, and the corresponding rise of a very gifted and twisted individual by the name of Adolph Hitler.

But this go around, this one is not just happening in once country – rather, it’s happening in just about every democratic country where, due to some ill-advised wars in the Middle East causing a massive refugee crises, has left people in these democracies, under control of the European Union, questioning its value and its very existence. Whether you agree or disagree with the EU as a whole, the fact that Europe hasn’t broken out into a war since World War II due to the US and NATO, and now including some former  Eastern Bloc countries along in the process, is a testament to the fact that, whatever the nay-sayers against the Euro-Zone say – has done a pretty decent job on keeping a lid on things.

Now, it goes without saying that The Middle East situation is yet another case of the Major Powers (namely, The USA and Russia) exerting their “Sphere of influence” in the area, along with their puppets. And it’s because of that meddling, that the Euro-zone refugee crises is such a hell-hole that doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  And if you don’t believe me, try listening to the BBC World Service as The Major does – trust me, you’ll learn far more on Auntie Beeb that you will from any of the US’s “Infotainment” felgercarb…

And what gets The Major’s “Jimmie’s Rustled” is when people who don’t know what they don’t know start spouting off nonsense about “The Globalists” taking control of everything..well, hate to break it to you idiots, but Ned Beatty, who played Arthur Sloan in THE MOST FUCKING EXCELLENT MOVIE EVER “Network” laid it out decades ago:


To all of you Nationalists out there – guess what ? It was already cooked in from the start -and there isn’t a fucking thing you can do to stop it.

Author: The Major

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