The latest Uber data breach incident makes is clear that Uber’s corporate culture is corrupt – and therefore, Uber must die.

Today we found out that Uber suffered a data breach back in 2016, exposing not only data on its 57 million customers, but also on it’s non-employee drivers as well, including drivers license information.

This continues yet another in along history of Uber playing fast and loose on may fronts. The latest response by the new CEO, called in after Uber’s founder, Travis Kalanick’s not-so-wonderful business behavior and business ethics oozed through Uber from its very beginning, is, sadly a little too late.

Uber’s corporate culture is so rotten to the core that no change of CEO and no house-cleaning of its executive ranks can fix this.

Therefore, Uber must die. The very fact that these jokers hired hackers to try to hide the data breach is hard evidence that Uber’s culture is corrupt to its very base, and cannot be saved.

Uber must die.

Author: The Major

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