The Major’s #MemorialDay message (especially for #Millenials) for 2017

“Just because a message was not received does not mean it was not worth sending.” 

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This the song that The Major listens every morning as he plys his trade in meat-space:

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Reclaiming the name ‘troll’ from ‘seagulls’ (Under Constant updating as new seagulls identified and classified)

It seems that master Yoda is not to terribly fond of seagulls… (Hat tip to “The Miner”):


And of course, so does the Major. Which leads me to talking about trolls….

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is a “troll”:


Ain’t he cuuuuute?

Unfortunately, that little feller up ‘dere identity has been hijacked by popular and Internet culture to mean someone/something causing people to get there jimmies rustled…

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The Major takes Farhad Manjoo (or maybe even the New York Times) to the woodshed

(Before I begin let me state publicly that I will only accept contacts via secured email only. All other means of attempting to contact The Major will be logged and ignored.)

Dear Farhad:

Greeting. My Name is the The Major. I have a question to ask of you: just how closely do you follow tech? Seriously….

You see, Farhad, a rather fascinating thing happens on April 21 that lasted about 7 minutes. Those people who work in various networking, OpSec, and FinTech saw this event happen, and many fellow tech writes talked about it.

But sadly, you didn’t:

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The Major’s Saturday Movie of The Week (especially for millenials and other people who have never seen this movie:) “The Hunt for Red October (1990)”

Hunt For Red October.jpg

The Major is taking some down time to meditate on the events of the last 48 hours and plan his future campaigns and overall strategy, and to also refresh his precious bodily fluids.  In the meantime, with the recent events of the last 24 hours searing into his consciousness,  The Major recommends a classic movie based on the late Tom Clancy novel of the same name: “The Hunt For Red October“, starring Sean Connery and a very young Alec Baldwin in what The Major believes is his finest performance as an actor, even when you take into account his infamous rant from the movie “Glengarry Glen Moss”. And when you take into account notorious fake news merchant and rabid batshit-whackjob Alex Jones, who seems quite a few fries short of a Happy Meal threatened Baldwin on his fake news site–well, that’s The Major’s kind of guy….

Now, you’re probably wondering (especially you millensials): “Why should I watch a movie that glorifies statecraft and disaster scenarios?” That’s precisely WHY, young padawan. Watch this movie and get some real-world insight-even if it was a novel.

This movie also shows the use of Legacy Weapons by nation-states wishing to wield the sphere of infleunce and power. Of course, Legacy Weapons can still inflict a lot of physical damage-but today’s conventional weapons are far more powerful, cheaper to use, easier to use, and cause significant destabilization if used by actors with questionable motives.  That’s why they’re so dangerous in the wrong hands or willing to be used by other nation-states to cause mischief and mayhem against their intended target.


COMING SOON: The Major’s History of the United States Series: Post World War II through Today-with a twist…..

Pretty soon, The Major will begin to go through the History of the United States from Post World War II up through today.

But the Major will be adding a twist. Alongside with the History Lesson, The Major will be including in parallel, the rise of the computer. The Major, having been a decades-long practitioner of programming arts and sciences, will make sure that the computer side gets a real good coverage-because, quite frankly, what I’ve seen from today’s tech press is that they too, have loss a sense of history.

Stay tuned….

PSA to the People of the Free World: The Wikileaks digital arsenal

The real face of Julian Assange (The Major thanks Jim Kasper for his mad Photoshop skillz! Rock on!):


(Yep-I went there…after all, it seems only fitting once you read my little missive….)

To the People of The Free World:

It’s time you seriously reconsider Wikileaks, given their involvement in the DNC hack and their most recent attempt to throw sand in the gears of the announcement of former director Mulerr as Special Counsel.

Here’s why: Information is power. But that can be weaponized..

Look at what Wikileaks is sitting on: they have obtained thousands of sensitive documents and databases-many of them leaked for sure, but most stolen more than likely-but that trove has now become one giant stockpile of digital arms imaginable-a very formidable one.

Conventional weapons are so 20th Centuty. Cyberweapons are now the 21st Century
weapon of choice, leveling the playing field fom even the tiniest nation to the giant behemoths.

And Wikipedia is sitting on perhaps the largest unprotected arsenal on the planet today.

You comfortable with that?

You saw what Wikileaks just did with that lame-ass Mueller tweetstorm, trying to discredit him. The smart people knows that’s all bullshit. Obviously, Wikileaks doesn’t like what’s happening to Donald J. Trump right now and throwing off digital flak.

So now it’s up to people like me to protect those citizens of ours who ares less uninformed and very tech-unsavvy from you and your fellow associates…..


Wikileaks and whoever is funding them are a Grave and Mortal Threat to All Democracies and Free Nations around the World.


And again, The Major will not tolerate that.

A message to Millenials (and everyone else)

Dear Millenials:

Over the next several weeks The Major will begin to publish detailed history about the Untied States from post World War II until today. It is imperative that you read it, for the simple reason that it seems that we’ve lose a sense of history-and that very dangerous.

Leo Buscgaia, AKA “Dr. Love”, and denizen of many 1980s PBS pledge drives, routinely warned in his pledge drive shows:

“Those people, who have lost a sense of history, are going to have to re-live it themselves”.

So please, put your cellphones down, stop Tweeting and Snapchatting, stop taking stupid pictures of what you are eating and posting them on Facebook, and really educate yourselves as to what is happening right now.  It’s that important.

And while you’re at it, for God sake, practice safe computing-the recent malware outbreak of WannaCrypt should serve as a wakeup call to the reality that every one of us are now unwilling soldiers in a war being waged against each and every one of us using the Inetenet as the battlefield. So make sure you apply every patch that comes out, don’t click on any suspicious emails. Here’s good place to start.

As Jesse Ventura would say when he closes eyer episode on his show “Off the Grid”:

Stay Vigilant.