PSA to the People of the Free World: The Wikileaks digital arsenal

To the People of The Free World:

It’s time you seriously reconsider Wikileaks, given their involvement in the DNC hack and their most recent attempt to throw sand in the gears of the announcement of former director Mulerr as Special Counsel.

Here’s why: Information is power. But that can be weaponized.

Look at what Wikileaks is sitting on: they have obtained thousands of sensitive documents and databases-many of them leaked for sure, but most stolen-but that trove has now become one giant stockpile of digital arms imaginable-a very formidable one.

Conventional weapons are 20th centuty. Cyberweapons are now the 21st century
weapon of choice. And Wikipedia is sitting on perhaps the largest unprotected
arsenal on the planet today.

You comfortable with that? You saw what Wikileaks just did with Mueller
tweetstorm, trying to discredit him.

Wikileaks is a Grave and Mortal Threat to All Democracies around the World.